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David W. Smith MD, ACP, BS (Chemistry), Board Certified (Internal Medicine Specialist), is recognized as a visiting scientist for both The Human Performance Laboratory for the Division of Sports Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the North Shore Division of Neurosurgery and North Shore Neurological Institute, Chicago Illinois. Over his 30-year medical career, he served as Chief of Medicine at Reid Hospital & Healthcare Services and has founded commercial companies for developing his innovative product concepts: Xennovate Medical LLC, TBI Innovations LLC, and Delta Chase LLC.

As Chief Science Officer, he has served as lead design and medical education consultant to GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a $90B+ Pharmaceutical and Healthcare company, Gentex Corp, the largest manufacturer of USAF helmets, and Materials Modification Inc., nano–materials and coating pioneer to the military complex.

 Dr. Smith has Intellectual Property and peer-reviewed publications in diverse fields of science, providing him with a unique perspective in overcoming a broad spectrum of significant medical paradigms.

His solid background in analytical chemistry (with an added emphasis in physics),  combined with his medical degree and internal medicine career, gave him insight into energy interactions and impartations to the human body, which has proven particularly useful in the study of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
Dr. Smith pioneered “SLOSH Theory,” the basis of his Q-Collar invention designed to mitigate SLOSH energy absorption by the soft tissues of the human brain.  The Q-Collar has been proven to reduce the risk of brain damage from traumatic events and was the first product authorized by the FDA for this purpose. With Julian Bailes MD, a world-renowned neurosurgeon, he co-authored a presentation on “The Physics of Traumatic Brain Injury-Revisited,” delivered at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting in September of 2016. At this event, the largest gathering of Neurosurgeons and Brain Injury Specialists worldwide, Dr. Smith presented his ideas on how the physics of a concussive wave (cavitation) can produce the chemistry of a TBI.
With Xennovate Medical, he presented several novel battlefield dressings to the Department of the Army Research Lab (DARPA) at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds and was the lead scientist in Xennovate’s two-year funding effort with DARPA’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JEIDDO).  Dr. Smith consulted with Gentex Corp, who was successfully awarded a $90M contract in the field of mitigating the forces involved in human ejections from supersonic aircraft.

DrDave’s Timeline of Discoveries and Innovations

And more to come in the months and years ahead!

DrDave’s authored studies have now experienced over 450 citations according to ResearchGate, a respected database of published scientific journal articles.

Other Interesting Things About DrDave

Education, Degrees, Licensure, and Certifications

1987-1989 Resident Internal Medicine, Case Western Reserve University Hospitals of Cleveland

1986-1987 Internship—Case Western Reserve University Hospitals of Cleveland

1982-1986 Medical School University of Cincinnati (First Class Honors)

1978-1982 BS Chemistry University of Cincinnati (with Honors)

Licensure and Certifications

Wayne/Union County Medical Society Richmond, IN

Indiana State Medical Society

1986 Medical licensure by the State of Ohio

1989 Medical licensure by the State of Indiana

1990 American Board of Internal Medicine

Academic Appointments

2009-2014 Butler University Faculty, Clinical Instructor

2010-2014 Indianapolis University Medical School, Site Clinical Instructor

Professional Appointments

1989-2016 Staff Physician Reid Hospital and Health Care Services

1992-1994 Vice-Chief of Medicine

1994-1996 Chief of Medicine

1991-2002 Medical Director— Heritage Regency Extended Care

1993-1995 Medical Director— Schuller/Manville International

1995-2006 Medical Director— JM Hutton Stamping Division

1993-2016 Medical Administrator/Managing Partner University Medical Group

2006-2007 Consultant, GlaxoSmithKline (Invented Breathe Right ADVANCED Nasal Strip)

2008-2009 Consultant, GENTEX CORP (mitigation of G-Loss of Consciousness and cockpit ejections)

Chief Scientist, Xennovate Medical LLC

Chief Scientist, TBI Innovations LLC

Chief Scientist, DeltaChase LLC


When Heads Come Together – Nature Reveals its Secrets for Preventing

Traumatic Brain Injury, 2022, Publisher Fitting Words








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1992-1994 Vice Chief of Medicine, Reid Hospital and Healthcare Services

1994-1996 Chief of Medicine, Reid Hospital and Healthcare Services

1997-1997 Founder of Reid Physician Hospital Organization

American Medical Association

Indiana Medical Association

Ohio Medical Society

Speaking Engagements

2022 What has Cincinnati done for our Warfighter’s Brains Conference in honor of 3-Star Lieutenant General Laura A. Potters visit (#2 in Command of US Army), Nature’s Master Class on Traumatic Brain Injury (jugular compression and CO2 rebreathing)

2022 Greater Cincinnati Interdisciplinary Sleep Society (Keynote Speaker)

2020 Neurotrauma Research Center University of Cincinnati (Keynote— How CO2 can alter Spreading Depolarizations)

2019 10th Annual Kettering Sports Medicine Symposium – Athletic Trainers (Keynote Speaker— jugular compression)

2019 Ohio Dental Society Annual Meeting (Keynote Speaker)

2018 The Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Society (PHATS) and the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers (SPHEM), National Meeting, Phoenix, AZ (Keynote Speaker)

2018 Greater Cincinnati Interdisciplinary Sleep Society (Keynote Speaker)

2018 Cincinnati Dental Society Annual Meeting (Keynote Speaker)

2016 Congress of Neurological Surgeons, Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, “The Physics of Traumatic Brain Injury-Revisited” Smith/Bailes

2015 Brain Injury Research Institute Chicago Symposium (Julian Bailes MD moderator) Keynote Speaker— A New look at the Pathophysiology of TBI